We will show you how to get to Tokyo sightseeing spots from Tokyo Station

How to get to Tokyo sightseeing spot

fromTokyo Station

How to get to Asakusa fromTokyo Station


How to get to Asakusa from Tokyo station

About 30 million worshippers visit Asakusa Temple,from domestic and overseas annually.

I will introduce the directions from Tokyo Station.

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How to go by train

– Take either JR(Japan Railway)Keihin Tohoku line or Yamanote line to Kanda station. Transfer to Ginza line(Tokyo Metro) from Kanda to Asakusa


From JR Tokyo station by Yamanote line via Kanda

When you take the bullet trains to Tokyo (Tokaido Shinkansen, Tohoku Shinkansen, etc)
The destination of the ticket says: Tokyo (within the district)*

From Bullet train transfer, there is no need to buy additional train ticket.
At exit into Local trains, you put two tickets(ticket and express fare ticket) into the slot, and one will come out. That ticket is for the local ride.

You are now inside the local trains area.

Please watch the following video. Do not forget to pick up this one ticket coming out. You need this to ride locally.

There are up to 10 tracks of local trains. The closest track is Track 10. Walk towards lower numbers.

Please watch the video below: how to get to Yamanote line track from Bullet train exit

Take either Keihin Tohoku line or Yamanote line (side by side on the same platform). Both will go to Kanda station.
Train ride is 2 min. Fare ¥140 (free when coming from Bullet train)

Transfer to Ginza line (Tokyo Metro) from JR Kanda station

Please ride on Car 9
(Front of the train is Car 10)

Upon arriving JR Kanda station, use the escalator in the front
Leave from North exit gate

There will be stairs to your left diagonally ahead of you
Take the stairs down, and turn right. Ginza line (Tokyo Metro) entrance is there.
Transfer time is 3 min
And take the train bound of Asakusa. It’s 6 min ride from Kanda to Asakusa. Fare is ¥170

Here is the summary video of the transfer at JR Kanda station to Ginza line(Tokyo Metro)

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How to get to Kaminarimon/Asakusadera from Asakusa station(Ginza line)

1 Try to get on Car 5
(Front of the train is Car 6)
2. Walk up the stairs in front of you from Car 5 upon arrival
3. At the exit, turn right
4. Go up Exit 1
5. You come up to Kaminarimon street
6. Go straight along the street till you pass police Koban. Right next to it is Kaminarimon
7. Behind Kaminarimon is Nakamise-dori

Here is the video on: Asakusa Station(Ginza line) to Kaminarimon

It also includes the sightseeing spots around Asakusa.

The video below is: Kaminarimon to Sensoji temple

Total travel time from JR Tokyo station Bullet train platform to Asakusa is about 40 min, if trains come smoothly. Enjoy!

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